Saturday, June 5, 2010

The pro's of a peanut allergy

If you grew up eating PB and J every day then it would likely be hard to live my life. Even though it takes some getting used to, life with an allergy is not so terrible.

Considering this is my reality and I don’t know any different, I decided to come up with the following list of the pro’s of having a peanut allergy.

1. Saves money on eating lunch out
2. Not eating desserts at restaurants keeps me slim
3. I don’t feel guilty when I do eat a peanut free cupcake (or 2)
4. An excuse to not kiss people at social events
5. I always have an excuse to not impulse buy the pastries at coffee shops
6. I get to choose the restaurant when I go out with friends
7. A good excuse to leave a classroom
8. Peanut free mars bars

1. Way too many to list!

Please comment if you think I missed something!



1 comment:

  1. And a few more I forgot to mention

    9. I don't have to eat at pot lucks (g-d knows what goes on in other people's kitchen's!!)

    10. An excuse to not buy desserts that probably came from a box at office bake sales