Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

Over the past five or so years, I started to become a little more 'green'. I began hearing staggering statistics about recycling (or lack thereof), and reports that that our current consumption, and habits will directly impact our own future, own children’s future, our future grandchildren and hopefully great-grandchildren.

Everything from eco-fashion to organic food has helped the world become a little greener. Since the day the first blue box was dropped off at my childhood home my family recycled. The old style blue boxes were comparable in size to a cardboard box. Now, most neighborhoods near my house have giant boxes that are about 10x the size of the old ones. At our house, the box is full every week.

These are the small steps I have taken over the past few years at being more green.

1- A re-usable water bottle. Anyone who knows me is aware that I always walk around with mine. I feel guilty whenever I drink from a plastic one as millions of plastic water bottles find their way into landfills each year.

2-Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. In Montreal they charge 5 Cents for each plastic bag as a way to encourage people to use the reusable ones. Personally, I find the reusable bags handle the groceries much better, and are easier to carry (FYI-after testing each stores bags, I like the IGA and Costco bags the best).

3-Think before you print.

4-Compost-O.K not for everyone, but where I live, we have these giant compost containers the size of the recycling ones. I don't compost everyday but when I am cooking and have a lot of scraps, or vegi peels I will throw it all into a compostable bag that goes into the bin. Leaves, branches, and even Pizza Boxes can be composted. In some places so can diapers.

5-Do you really need all those napkins?

6- A Re-Usable coffee cup. This should be on my favorites list. I love mine. Not only does it keep my coffee hot longer, it saves money! Most coffee shops give a discount when you take your coffee in your own cup. And for those who are not into the idea, ditch the cardboard cup sleeve. Unless of course it is actually way too hot to drink without it!

7-Change your light bulbs. The next time your bulb burns out, use an eco-friendly bulb to save energy. On this note, turn the lights off when possible. Save energy.

8-Energystar appliances. When we were appliance shopping, we made it a point to buy appliances with the Energy Star rating. FYI, the cost of maintaining an ancient fridge is so high that it can be recouped in just a few years of using an Energy Star rated one.

Let’s do our best to protect our earth, there are dozens of other tips for going green. For more info,

Happy Earth Day!



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