Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Reminder

As ridiculous as it may sound, people who are not allergic to nuts or peanuts may not realize that nuts can be found in foods even with the word ‘nut’ in it. Everyone knows peanut butter has peanuts in it, however, someone very close to me once had Honey Nut Cheerios in their home, and when I noticed it and commented, they honestly said they didn’t realize there were nuts in it. Another time, a mother sent her child to the daycare with bread and nutella for breakfast and I smelled it from across the room at drop off, and she too explained she didn’t realize there were nuts in nutella. And again yesterday the same story with Almond Breeze. So… this post is just a reminder to not take anything for granted and always make sure to check, double check and triple check everything.



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