Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New Phone!

About a month ago, I made the switch to an Iphone. A decision I pondered for months, and do not regret for one second. My phone is an extension of my arm. I am not proud of this, but I do use a lot of airtime! I do my best to not speak on the phone when I am with the boy so that I can give him my full attention, and I only use bluetooth when in the car for safety (and to avoid a ticket!). The phone took some time to get used to, and still I find myself sending the most ridiculous texts and emails because I type too fast and the auto correct changes words.

I don’t use many of the apps, but I have downloaded a few. Namely facebook, scrabble, words with friends, allrecipes, backgammon and cnn. I know there is an app for essentially everything, so I searched for peanut allergies and found a few options. I have not downloaded any of these yet, but some sound useful. The “allergy translator” translates your message about your own or your child’s allergy in pretty much any chosen language. Sounds great for travelling. The other one that seemed useful was “Anaphylactic Allergy Alert”. This app claims to provide first responders with important allergen information (through wallpaper images with a message of your choice). Though I am a firm believer of a medic alert bracelet, that app may serve as a second reminder. There were a few apps for restaurant menus, however I am of the opinion that a menu can change overnight, so I personally would not trust any apps that claim to have detailed menu descriptions with safe and unsafe options. Has anyone tried any allergy apps? Feel free to share any you may have discovered.



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