Saturday, February 18, 2012


When it comes to my allergy, I have serious trust issues. In recent years there have been more and more companies declaring to be peanut free, egg free, gluten free, milk free etc... I subscribe to the Canadian Food Allergy Inspection Agency (CFIA) service that sends me an email every time there is recall on a food product. I guess I never filtered that I only wanted the peanut/nut emails so I get them all; recalls for listeria, milk, eggs, sulphites, gluten, fish etc… I get at least one email daily. To me that’s a lot of recalls. Sometimes the recalls for nuts/peanuts are related to random products that have mislabeled ingredients. However, I have noticed a higher frequency of recalls on products that are declared to be nut free, milk free etc… It worries me to think that I can be eating something that is “peanut-free” but not. I'm simply putting this out there to remind people with allergies that we always have to be careful and never be too trusting. I call companies all the time to ask about their allergy practises, even when they have the peanut free label.



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