Sunday, April 1, 2012


Passover starts next week, and I have already begun my preparations. For obvious reasons, Passover is my least favorite holiday in the food department. Over the years, my family has discovered a few repeat worthy desserts that call for nuts, but we simply omit them. For example, the Second Helpings Please “Mocha Nut Squares” have been a family favorite since I was a child (hint-double the recipe and add chocolate chips). Most people stress about their menu, and what to make that tastes good during this holiday, however I find myself more consumed with the ingredients that go into the food.

Many Kosher foods are manufactured in the United States or imported from Israel. This year I noticed that some of the Manishewitz products actually stated “made in a nut free facility”. This is the first time I have seen this, and I commend them for taking this step. Despite the products coming from the USA, I have still made several calls over the past few weeks to explore Chocolate options for baking. Ultimately, it is the Israeli products that really make me nervous because the ingredients are simply translated from Hebrew to English and stuck on with a white mailing label for resell in Canada. I am blogging about this simply to bring this to the attention of people who may be hosting a guest with an allergy. My advice is to read the ingredients carefully and save all the packaging for the guest to read and determine if it is safe for them.

For a list of the Passover nut free options:

Feel free to share any nut free Passover friendly recipes!

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