Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't Take it Personally

One of my “rules” is that I will only eat somewhere when I am 100% comfortable that it is a peanut free environment.

Being a mom with an allergy has led me to be stricter with my rules. This is because one of my biggest fears in life is having a reaction while I am with the boy. Now that I am a mom, I am in more social situations and I find myself explaining my allergy to more and more people and telling them not to take is personally when I don’t eat in their homes.

The boy and I have been in a playgroup with other adorable babies and their moms for about 6 months now. We rotate homes weekly and the hostess is responsible for serving lunch. All my new mom friends have been accommodating and careful in ensuring that their meals are peanut free, but despite these efforts I still bring my own lunch. I trust that they did their best to ensure a peanut free meal, but I still don’t take any chances. I often find myself apologizing for not eating, or making up an excuse of sorts. Sometimes I make myself a plate, don’t touch it and eat a sandwich in the car because I feel so guilty that they tried so hard to accommodate me!

My old friends and my new friends are all completely understanding about my allergy, and I want to thank them and my family for going to such great lengths to make me feel comfortable in their homes. As per this blog entry’s title, I ask everyone out there to not take it personally when I choose to eat my bagged lunch instead!



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