Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peanut Dog

This is not a joke! Like guide dogs (a.k.a seeing eye dogs), there are peanut detecting dogs. Dogs who can sniff out peanuts to ensure their owner is safe.

Please don't judge me, but I am not a dog lover. I like other people's dogs. Especially golden retrievers, burnese mountain dogs, and more recently some of the cute creations interbreeding has resulted in. I think they make a great pet, but a furry friend is just not for me. I think it's the OCD, but it's a safe bet that our home will be dog-free.

I heard about peanut dogs a few years ago from a magazine. They can be brought anywhere and everywhere because they are classified as service dogs.

For anyone interested, check out I just called and apparantly they are not doing peanut dogs at the moment, but this can change in the future. Maybe they stopped doing them because the cost of a peanut detecting dog is$14,995. That is not a typo!



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