Thursday, March 10, 2011

My favorite Things...#2

Dare Foods is definitely my favorite peanut free company for off the shelf peanut free products. They were the first company I can remember to declare they are peanut free. At Dare Foods, they are very allergy conscious, and have a huge variety of peanut free products. The following statement was taken from their website:

"We’ve taken extra care when it comes to quality control at each of our 5 Canadian manufacturing facilities so that you can rest assured when choosing Dare products:
we put our process and packaging equipment through a regular allergen cleaning procedure; we work with our key suppliers to ensure that they also have a stringent allergen management process; and we ensure that staff do not bring any nut/peanut products into the facilities."

Of all the products this is a list of my family favorites:

Breton Regular and Minis

Bear paw crackers-Original flavor

Vinta crackers

Simple pleasures-Digestives and chocolate thins

Real Fruit

Bread Sticks

Melba Toast

Whippets-A delicious treat that was always in my house as a kid.

Simple Pleasures Moments-Lemon Poppy (These are new. I bought them yesterday for the first time, and they are the perfect alternative to a cookie).




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  2. Jen,

    I'm so happy to hear Dare is your favourite peanut free company. I work on behalf of Dare and would love to send you samples of our peanut-free Bear Paws kids' crackers. You mentioned Original was your family's favourite flavour - have they tried the Cheddar Cheese and Vegetable flavours as well? I'm partial to the Vegetable myself :). If you're interested in receiving the samples please let me know.



  3. Hi,
    Thanks so much that would be great! We have not tried the vegetable or cheddar cheese. I can email you my address.