Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Love Loblaws

I love Loblaws for a few reasons (for American readers, Loblaws is part of a major Canadian grocery store chain). The Joe fresh section, the selection or organics, and most importantly their customer service at head office. I love to cook, so I make virtually everything. That being said, I do a lot of grocery shopping.

A few weeks ago, my sister pointed out that there is a planters peanuts dispenser located at the exit, and she noticed peanut shells all over the floor. I never noticed this before, so prior to taking the next step of calling customer service I went to check it out myself, and saw the same thing. My biggest concern was that customers would buy some of the peanuts, touch their grocery carts, and then the next customer would touch the cart. If I was the next customer, or if a young child sitting in the cart with an allergy touched the handle this could potentially lead to anaphylaxis. For those without an allergy, this may sound extreme, but for me, this is a real concern. I happen to be the type to wipe down the cart with some Purell from my purse and a baby wipe before I touch it anyways but I’m sure most people don't.

First I emailed the company with a picture of the area. No response. A week later, I went back to the store, and I addressed the concern with one of the floor managers who explained that the dispenser is privately owned. I then called the head office while roaming through the aisles doing my shopping and the lady on the other end assured me someone would get back to me in a few days and she apologized for the lack of response to my email. Fair enough. Well... yesterday I got a call from head office to inform me that the manager has agreed to remove the dispenser from the floor. Victory!



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